Kids' menu coloring pages & activities

Are you in charge of Family Marketing & Promotion strategy in restaurants, collective catering, or hospitality (HCR sector)? Are you looking to highlight the kid-friendly & family-friendly features of your restaurants, enhance your brand image, and build customer loyalty among families?

Wakatoon specializes in cartoon coloring : we create custom stories for kids to colour and they become a cartoon thanks to our magic app.

We help large restaurant chains (fast-food or traditional), mass catering, or hotels to create a unique kids menu thanks to our custom pages to color. Our activities and cards will transform your children menu or kids-friendly brunches into a real creative moment.

Choosing our coloring activities for your kids menu

30% of family food spending is away from home

"In 2019, in the US, 30.6% of family food spending was for food-away-from-home" (Source : Gitnux market study). Dining out in restaurants is very important for families. In France, there is great kidfluence on the choice of the restaurant : pleasing the children can lead to repeated visits to your dinner and therefore increase loyalty.

Families and kids loyalty

Based on our projects with HCR companies and caterers, this free activity and gift to promote your establishment costs lest than 1$/kid.

Also based on our campaign data, it allows you to multiply by 10 families and kids' touchpoints with your brand.

Unique Selling Point from your competitors

An unique activity that's different from the usual kids menu surprise gift or classic games offered. Our menu coloring pages can encompass entertainement, educational and even awareness features like for the one we designed for Elior, a French mass caterer for schools.

Increasing experience time

To increase families average bill and time spent in your restaurant, spent time on our drawing cartoons is longer than a classic illustration printed on the menu. Children spend an average of 10/15mn to colour each page and they're watching 2min of cartoon on the phone or tablet. Plus : they can color it over and over again !

Giving life to your brand image & values

A custom branded coloring activity that enhances Brand Marketing and will strengthen your image and values. French catering chains La Pataterie & Poivre Rouge have decided to feature their brand mascot in their kids coloring activities offered in their restaurants.

An activity for the whole family

With Wakatoon, you offer a true family experience in your restaurant, way beyond a mere coloring page. The whole family takes part in the coloring activity (kids draw, parents take the picture) : they all watch the custom cartoon. Our data shows that 7 kids out of 10 enjoy the whole wakatooning experience.

Our tailor-made coloring pages for kids menu

Our packaging solutions for kids can be used by food service industry brands exclusively for entertainment, educational purposes but also to raise children awareness to some topics like food waste. This is what we call Edutainment (education and entertainment).

As part of our children's packaging project with Danonino a Danone brand, educational elements related to the history of football were added to each of the 8 coloring stories that were printed on pack.

Menu coloring pages
Kids menu activities
Creative Coloring Booth

What is it ?

  • +Menu coloring pages

    Kids menu coloring pages & cards

    Wakatoon creates for you personalized coloring activities in the form of pages, posters or collectible cards (or any other format that you see fit) to print. If you decide to create several mini-coloring activities, families collecting these cards will repeat visits. French Food brand Pitch chose collectibles to launch their new organic range.

  • +Kids menu activities

    Kids restaurant activities

    This custom story created for your brand can be used to set up some events in your restaurant : creative workshops. It can be implemented in kids waiting rooms to keep toddlers and young children busy during dinners or be included in the restaurant busy bag.

  • +Creative Coloring Booth

    Wakatoon box to display their masterpiece

    If you wish to have a truly magical experience for the kids and their families in your restaurants, you can also rent our Wakatoon Box. This device will project the kids drawings on a screen or on the wall. Event company Fever used it to enhance their immersive experience in Monsieur Madame cartoon theme.

The process for your kids menu activity project

We'll have several calls to get a good pitch of your objectives, needs and budget. We'll discuss custom features of the coloring pages, brand storytelling you want to tell kids and customer experience that you wish to offer.

Turn your brand DNA into a cartoon

We'll have several calls to get a good pitch of your objectives, needs and budget. We'll discuss custom features of the coloring pages, brand storytelling you want to tell kids and customer experience that you wish to offer.

Working hand in hand with your team

During all the steps of creating your brand coloring pages (briefs, spec, production, go ahead, delivery), we'll collaborate as a team with your in-house design staff, third-party suppliers or freelances. We'll reuse your restaurant or catering brand graphic charter to create a real custom story.

How long does it take ?

To create a Wakatoon story that will be used as a free activity in your restaurant, it takes approximately 2.5 months. We also have a large range of pre-existing coloring pages that can be branded. Delays and costs are reduced that way. Themes that we have in stock are : Christmas, kids birthdays, food waste, Mother's Day...