Raising kids' environmental & social awareness

Did you know that the very idea of the cartoon coloring Wakatoon was born from our will to reduce young children's screen time? Are you looking for activities and ideas to raise awareness among families, youth, and children about a social issue that is dear to you?

Our team creates for you custom-made serious stories for kids to color, so that they can understand your vision. We've worked with companies such as Disneyland, International Organizations (ISA, UNFPA...)

Why choose cartoon ? From the age of 3, children begin to mimic the behaviors of their parents and characters identified in cartoons : they become role models.

Unique activity idea to raise awareness

Wakatoon activities can be used to replace or to round off your usual children awareness toolkit (educational resources, podcasts, videos, mindful journals and other material format).

Our cartoon stories to colour are magic, playful, and educational. Wakatoon uses Edutainment and "Playducation" in raising young kids awareness.

For the kid, 1 hour of our coloring our Wakatoon activity on paper equals to 10 minutes spent on screens.

Created to fit your awareness toolkit

Our Wakatoon educational and interactive coloring activities can be created in all formats to fit your existing awareness toolkit.

Workshops, activities, tools, posters, campaigns, websites, or even outdoor classes: our stories will give more reach & strength to your kids' awareness events.

Home, School, Work : raising awareness everywhere

Our awareness creative activities are generally more suitable for a young audience. Ideal age range is for 3-year-old children up to 10 year-old kids. It also encompasses their families. Our coloring stories can be used at home with their parents or by teacher at school as educational resources.

Nevertheless, our awareness tools are mostly used by companies whose collaborators have families or whose customers are mainly families.

Kids will color your CSR issues to life

Mission-driven companies, social enterprises, impact projects, socially responsible brands, or those engaged in CSR initiatives and activities. Wakatoon brings your corporate vision and CSR challenges to life.

We turn them into tailor-made coloring activities for kids to understand your brand storytelling.

For your ethical, CSR, and sustainable communication campaigns, Wakatoon coloring is the perfect awareness tool for children and families.

All sectors & industries

HoReCa (catering trade), agri-food, international organizations, insurance, pharmaceutical industry, Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) : we've worked with actors specialized in a large range of expertises in raising awareness.

Every Awareness topics for kids, toddlers & children

Our collaborations on awareness projects, creating serious drawing and gaming for kids dealt with :

  • Raising environmental awareness for toddlers, kindergarten students and young children (biodiversity)
  • Food loss and waste prevention for kids, as well as waste-sorting issues.
  • Promoting the 3R (Reducing, Recycling, Reusing) and wise consumer habits for young kids for them to become more conscious about their buying choices.

Raising awareness with Wakatoon edutainment

We create various materials and tools for your kids awareness projects. We have already worked on numerous awareness topics (food waste, recycling, selective sorting, disabilities, forest protection, pollution control, eco-mobility, gender equality, safety on construction sites in shopping centers): see our projects

Our tools can also be adapted to other themes such as:

  • Raising awareness about the environment and sustainable development (short production and distribution circuits, buying local, buying seasonal, water management and consumption...)
  • Raising awareness among young people about harassment in all its forms: school harassment, cyberbullying (and more broadly, awareness of internet dangers)
  • Raising awareness about the impacts on the brain and the dangers of screens use for young people, responsible digital use, and screen work
  • Raising awareness about peace and geopolitical issues around the world.
Awareness workshop
Workshop with our cartoon booth  
Creating tools & material : poster, resources, flyers


Our creative coloring workshops can be d ateliers créatifs de coloriage peuvent se dérouler sous divers formats. Malls like Galeries Lafayette or  Le Bon Marché have chosen to use our workshops as part of their POS event strategy.

This activity is perfect for a collective awareness workshop as part of a campaign you're running.

Our creative cartoon booth Wakatoon Box enhances the whole workshop experience.

Children can see their cartoons projected on a screen (size and type of screen is up to you). At school, during a class, the teacher can use the kids drawings to launch a debate or as teaching material.

If you don't want to set up a workshop or an activity, we can also create for you custom coloring pages that can be used as awareness tools, resources and material.

We can design any format you'd like : XXL posters, postcards, coloring books, flyers, PDF to print, and food packaging.

Wakatoon offer

Workshop & Wakatoon Box

PDF to print, posters, flyers, kids packagings, coloring pages

What you need

Event team

Workshop facilitators

Event team

Workshop facilitator

Rental of Wakatoon Box

Screen & plug

Staff to hand out flyers

Campaign reporting data



Weak to moderate

  • +Awareness workshop

    Creative awareness workshops using game and drawing

    Wakatoon interactive coloring pages encompass several awareness techniques. First of all, awareness using game thanks to the playfulness and educational features of the cartoon. Then, awareness thanks to role modelling : from 3 year-old onwards, young kids mimic the behaviour of cartoon's heros they're watching.

  • +Workshop with our cartoon booth  

    Creative coloring booth

    The kids' cartoon drawings can be videoprojected on a wall or a board. We also can issue a QR code for parents or teachers to download the drawings that have been wakatooned during a class or an awareness workshop.

  • +Creating tools & material : poster, resources, flyers

    Creative tools and material to raise awareness among kids

    We create stories to color in different formats : giant poster (for several kids to color at the same time), postcards, book, flyer, PDF to download... Don't hesitate to tell us what type of material you want, we can design it for you !

Wakatoon's collaborations on awareness projects & campaigns

Many organizations, brands and companies have trusted us to help them with their awareness activities and CSR campaigns. Here are some of the projects that we have worked on :

Raising awareness about waste-sorting and reduction

Disneyland Paris led a waste-sorting awareness project for families and kids attending their amusement and theme park.

Our Wakatoon coloring stories were used as awareness tools : the flyers were distributed by Disneyland cleanliness hosts.

3 Rs : Recycling, Reusing, Reducing

French insurance company MAIF chose our cartoon drawings to raise child awareness of recycling and waste reduction. Rather than throwing away a broken bike, Little Pierrot has it repaired with second-hand spare parts. Chosing the bike example is also revealing : it's an incentive for families to use it as preferred mean of transporation for short rides to reduce carbone footprint.

Food waste & respect of wildlife

Elior, French company of mass catering decided to hand out Wakatoon coloring books in school canteens to raise children awareness regarding food waste. This coloring book was also meant to inform kids as far as respecting the beach wildlife is concerned using the example of crab fishing.

Pathologies, disabilities & health education

The French pharmaceutical company Octapharma created with us 4 books to educate young patients on immunodeficiencies. These awareness tools were also used by parents accompanying their kids as part of therapeutic patient education programs.

Environmental & ecology topics

Faber Castell CSR projects are reforestation and eco-friendly manufacturing of their coloured pencil with their range "EcoPencil". For them, Wakatoon created the story "Endless Forest" as an incentive for families and young kids to preserve forests and fight against deforestation.

Pollution and Green mobility 

French train companies SCNF and Inoui chose to educate kids to reducing pollution and their carbon footprint. Train is one of the least polluting means of transporation. Battling global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a real ecology topic at the heart of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Why raise social and environmental awareness among young kids and toddlers ?

At Wakatoon, we are convinced that raising awareness among young people with regards to environmental and society issues is the key to a sustainable society. By combining awareness games and pedagogy, our cartoon to colour promote eco-friendly habits for children, who are literally our future. This awareness activity playfully passes on actionable knowledge while entertaining them.

Education and school are two major pillars of awareness

Teachers and schools (preschool, primary, middle school, and high school) play a significant role in raising awareness among young people about society issues. Battling school bullying, homophobia, and advocating for education: official awareness programs are already in place in teaching environments.

However, many topics are not yet addressed in schools, and Wakatoon aims at being a partner for teaching staff, teachers, and education stakeholders who wish to raise awareness among their students.

Parents, role models of social and environmental responsibility

From 3 years old onwards, children start mimicking their parents and cartoon heros' behaviours. Therefore, parents also play a significant part as role models in educating their children to ecofriendly daily habits. Not throwing waste on the ground, turning off light or appliances when there'not being used, not wasting food or water, sorting waste, composting, wise consumption…

Socially Responsible Companies

Companies which target families or children also play a part in raising awareness globally and among younger generations. Awareness programs can be part of CSR projects of these responsible brands.

For instance, promoting short supply chains, local consumption, ecofriendly packings can be part of agro industry, malls and mass distribution events.