Cahier de coloriage animé - Awa et l'oiseau aux instruments
Animated coloring - chapter 1 - Awa, the bird and the instruments
Animated coloring - chapter 2 - Awa, the bird and the instruments
Animated coloring - chapter 3 - Awa, the bird and the instruments

Awa, the bird and the instruments

By Yuna Troël

The story :

While taking a stroll through the forest, Awa encounters the bird of instruments. Follow them as they go on a musical journey, discovering African musical instruments: djembé, cora, balafon and kalimba.

Receive the PDF by mail and print it out to transform the first coloring page into a cartoon for free. Make an in-app purchase to unlock the remaining content.


Wakanecdote :

The music of this story was composed and performed by professional musicians. The first take is the one featured in the cartoon.

The content :

Have you ever heard the sounds of the djembé, the cora, the balafon and the kalimba? Through this story, "Awa, the bird and the instruments", you will discover the lovely melodies of these wonderful instruments.

All you need to do is color in the 8 coloring pages of this story, then photograph them via the free app, Wakatoon. Your coloring pages will come to life and turn into a 5-minute cartoon with your colors. It's magic! Now, it's time to sit back and admire your masterpiece with your family. Allow us to introduce Awa in an excerpt below.

This animated coloring is appropriate for children between the ages of 6 and 9.

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