Key figures

8months during which our coloring cards were gifted away

62Kfamilies have wakatooned thanks to Pitch playful packagings

Fun facts

Wakatoon collectible coloring cards have been so successful that the marketing campaign was pushed further away from back-to-school season 2021-2022 to February 2022.
Pitch bets on playful kids packagings

Pitch bets on playful kids packagings

Wakatoon turns kids drawings into cartoon thanks to its innovative technology. We create for brands custom stories for kids to colour for them to use in their marketing campaigns. Our magic extra : they're animated coloring pages and the kids drawings come to life !

Our 7 animated coloring pages for French brand Pitch have been handed out as in-pack collectibles cards inside their baked goods "brioches" packagings between July 2021 and February 2022. This sales campaign called "Champions are back to school" was launched to reach family and kids. In France, 62 000 families have experienced Wakatoon thanks to Pitch collectible gifts.

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Key figures

8months during which our coloring cards were gifted away

62Kfamilies have wakatooned thanks to Pitch playful packagings

Fun facts

Wakatoon collectible coloring cards have been so successful that the marketing campaign was pushed further away from back-to-school season 2021-2022 to February 2022.

1) Dare to defeat a Champion ?

Our 7 collectible coloring cards have been distributed as an A5 leaflet slipped inside Pich's playful food packaging.

Pitch in-pack coloring pages were part of a series of 7 collectible stories called "Dare to defeat a Champion" ("Can You Beat a Champion?").

This marketing campaign targeted families and theur kids and was thought as a partnership between French food brand Brioche Pasquier, Cartamundi, and the creative agency Les Gros Mots.

2) An interactive experience that pleased families and children

The original and creative experience gifted to families and children who consume Pitch pastries was a great success.

To the extent that the rating of our interactive coloring app has increased from 4.4 to 4.7 stars.

Parents appreciated the Pitch coloring cards:

★★★★★ "My son liked it, I also find it fun. Moreover, he's put effort into coloring, and the little message of self-confidence at the end is very good. Thank you." Delphine Bapaume - October 23, 2021

And so did the children:

★★★★★ "Great It's super great to color and watch your character do sports!" Iohann Ilinares ADD - 28/09/2021

3) Raising awareness among children about the benefits of physical activity

The collaboration with Pitch Pasquier allowed us to create entertaining but above all educational coloring cards. Behind the playful aspect of these coloring and collectible cards, the animated cartoons aimed at raising awareness among children and young audiences about the benefits of physical activity and sports in general.

In direct connection with the French "Eat Move" Minister of Health prevention campaign, the main goal was to encourage children to engage in physical activity.

Various sports and disciplines

All the characters featured in the 7 coloring cards are champions to beat, with different sports disciplines. Some puns were also included in the names but it's highly difficult to translate in English so we've kept them that way :

• Alice FUSE, sledge champion

• Raoul DÉBOULE, high-level skier

• Hélène ENBOMBE, female horseback riding champion, with a Halloween-themed coloring, was the "wakatooners'" favorite

• Tony Farceur (big up to Tony Parker), basketball professional player faced in a duel by the little basketball player Julie Enlair

• Lalie Letourni, Frisbee player

• Nicolas Flow, the Hip Hop dancer

• Matt Tricks, the Skateboard enthusiast

Team sports, sliding sports, individual sports activities... many disciplines are highlighted in the Pitch animated coloring cards.

Our coloring cards can be used as educational tools and material for children on various themes, in the context of creative workshops or family commercial animations. Feel free to contact us.

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Inspiring sports vocations for young people

"Indeed, the little ones can also be great champions."

All the children heroes of the interactive cartoons manage to beat the adult champion they face.

With this positive message, the youngest may want to try a sports activity and perhaps it will become their calling, and become great champions one day.

Pitch pastries partnering with sports institutions

As part of its CSR approach, the Brioche Pasquier group sponsors numerous sports events and institutions:

• Pitch is the official partner of the French Football Federation. This sports partnership has been in effect since 2004.

• Pitch pastries are patrons of the Ocean Calling sports and ecological sailing project.

• The group's CSR policy clearly mentions a desire to establish sports partnerships with sports clubs close to each Pasquier agri-food production site.

4) About Pitch

Pitch is a brand of the Brioche Pasquier group, a French agri-food company specializing in pastries, toast, and industrial pastries mainly for kids and families. Originally, Brioche Pasquier is a family-owned bakery founded in 1936 by Gabriel Pasquier in the small village of Cerqueux (located in Pays de la Loire 49 - so French).

Among the other brands of the Pasquier group, there are:

• Auga, specialized in dry bread: toast, grilled bread...

• Agri Pasquier, the brand dedicated to animal feed.

• Symphony specializing in pastries (delicacies, desserts, tarts, eclairs, pastries, donuts)

• Grilletine in single products: grilled toasts

The main points of sale for Pitch are mass distributors like supermarkets and hypermarkets.

An emblematic French brand for kids snacks

Pitch pastries are emblematic products of children's snacks, their individual packaging allowing them to be slipped into school bags or taken almost anywhere. These pastries are filled with chocolate, chocolate chips, or jam.

Pitch offers various products for snacks and children's snacks:

• Pitch spreadable dough

• Pitch milk chocolate

• Pitch chocolate

• Pitch chocolate chips

• Pitch milk chocolate bar

• Pitch milk chocolate bar hazelnut flavor

• Pitch crunch

• Pitch dark chocolate bar

• Pitch apple pear fruits

• Pitch strawberry fruits

• Pitch organic apple fruits

CSR challenge for ingredient quality

Brioche Pasquier's Company Social Responsibility policy promotes the purchase of French and local raw materials (local sourcing).

Eco-friendly packaging designs to reduce waste production

Pitch food packaging is intended to protect and transport pastries, better preserve them, and facilitate their use. The brand has implemented an CSR policy for eco-designing Pitch food packaging to reduce their food impact. This concerns both individual packaging and the overall container of Pitch pastries.

From May 2022 onwards, Pitch products are being packed with plant-based plastic packaging.

A Pitch organic range for better product quality

Pitch recently launched a range of apple-filled pastries for children with ingredients from organic farming. Pitch organic products are preservative-free, flavor-free, and colorant-free. The pastries are made with French flour and eggs.

The Pasquier group's CSR policy axis "From Nature and Time" dedicated to healthier products also aims to reduce the use of palm oil.