The Wakatoon team, creators of animated coloring books

About us

Let's go back in time. The year is 2014. 7-year-old Louis tends to spend a lot of time in front of a screen, partaking in activities that are not very creative, much to his uncle's dismay. His uncle is Pierrick, a nerdy engineer. Seeing his nephew like this inspires him to create animated coloring books. His innovative idea allows his nephew to be creative and thus diverts his attention away from the screen and to the paper—much to his mother's delight. Louis is focused and determined because he knows he will be rewarded by a wonderful cartoon that he himself created!

After 9 months of intense development, Wakatoon is finally up and running. The concept: coloring books that turn into a cartoon with the help of a dedicated app. We’ve created fascinating stories like that of Pink Rose, a stylish sock who explores the city of London with two new friends.

Wakatoon released its first animated coloring book for which 2,500 copies were pre-ordered via a crowdfunding campaign and 15,000 sold in bookstores. This set the wheels in motion and today Wakatoon's collection boasts 10 coloring books and an ever-growing team.

Emmanuel, Pierrick's former internship supervisor, joined the team shortly after the creation of Wakatoon and the team gradually grew to reach 12 members: 6 women and 6 men between the ages of 27 and 57 years old, all from different parts of the world (Africa, Asia, Europe). We are all truly kids at heart, and use this to our advantage in our work: we have created over 70 different Wakatoon cartoons!

And in collaboration with our core team are dozens of authors, illustrators, voice actors, sound designers, and several other passionate people who share our desire to help children discover their creativity.

My nephew, who was 7 years old at the time, was spending a lot of time in front of a screen, partaking in activities that were either interactive or passive but never creative. Seeing this led me to create the concept of animated coloring: a creative activity that brings the child back to the page and reassures parents and delights children as they watch their drawing come to life! Pierrick ChabiPierrick Chabi

La wakateam

Pierrick ChabiPierrick ChabiFounder
Emmanuel MarinEmmanuel MarinAssociate Producer
Gilles VaillonGilles VaillonAdministration and Finance
Nicolas GalinottiNicolas GalinottiLead Mobile Developer
Teva GirardTeva GirardCG Artist
Marie HemeryMarie HemeryMarketing & Communication
Lisandra ChauvineauLisandra ChauvineauGraphic Designer
Marine MoliniéMarine MoliniéDigital Project Manager
Morgane ParmaMorgane ParmaGraphic Designer
David BraudDavid BraudFull-stack Developer

Les wakartistes

Géraldine Bellanger-RobertGéraldine Bellanger-RobertAuthor
Marion BernaysMarion BernaysCG Artist
Marguerite AbouetMarguerite AbouetAuthor
Chloé du ColombierChloé du ColombierAuthor-Illustrator
Yuna Troël Yuna Troël Author-Illustrator
Céline MonchouxCéline MonchouxAuthor-illustrator
Catherine BlanchardCatherine BlanchardIllustrator
Christel DesmoinauxChristel DesmoinauxIllustrator
Severine DuchesneSeverine DuchesneIllustrator
Johan Poua Johan Poua Composer
Gregory RonotGregory RonotIllustrator
Nicolas DelerisNicolas DelerisCG Artist
Marie-Anne DidierjeanMarie-Anne DidierjeanIllustrator
Raphael Quinto-RousseauRaphael Quinto-RousseauCG Artist