Innovative Food Packaging for Kids : playful & custom ideas

Are you a Marketing Manager in the food and beverages (F&B) industry? Are you looking for unique and appealing packaging ideas for your family/children's food products ? We've got what you need to offer a unique, magical & colourful experience to your customers.

Wakatoon is the tech specialist in interactive cartoon coloring. For kids to live a magical moment, 3 simple steps to follow : 1) Kids colour 2) Take pictures of the drawings 3) With our app, their drawings become cartoons.

Our solutions transform a plain wrap into a playful, personalised and educative food packaging. Food service and agribusiness industry stakeholders (food packaging companies, F&B brands, distribution channels, hypermarkets, supermarkets, shopping malls) have used our technology for their kids packagings. In France, we've already worked with Danonino and Pitch.

6 benefits of personalised food packaging

Playful packaging solutions for every project

Transforming your food product packaging into a kids game: that's what Wakatoon does for you. With our edutainment packaging solutions, a customized coloring activity will be provided to your family customers.

Depending on your packaging project, we can offer food packaging to color, collectible coloring cards, or online games to gamify your e-commerce.

Original packaging like no other competitor

Thanks to our technology, your kids & families food packaging stand out from the competition's ones on the shelf. This little extra works just like the 90's free toy in cereal boxes but with a tech, eco-friendly and educative twist. The choice of the right color palette for your food packaging will also influence consumers behaviour. Our design team will be delighted to work on colourful mockups for you.

Your brand storytelling

When working on your custom and tailor-made packaging project, your brand storytelling will guide the whole process. Be it for brand identity redesign, special event, launch of a new range or product, your marketing strategy can fully unfold on your packaging thanks to Wakatoon.

Boost your product sales

This small gift for families and children who buy your products can contribute to boosting your sales. Lidl Oaklands Funsize range has registered a 33% sales increase since their packaging change.

For example, Danonino chose to print Wakatoon's coloring pages on collectible in-pack cards for their kids yogurts. The F&B brand noticed that families who engaged with the game repurchased the product more regularly to complete their collection.

Animations & events

Wakatoon's children's food packaging can also support your promotional strategy and in-store animations. Whether to boost your peak commercial times (Easter, Christmas, Halloween...) or to use for an in-store sales event (colouring workshops) or mall animations, this project can become part of your overall family marketing strategy.

For all type of food packagings

Our innovative and tech offer can be used for all type of food packaging products. Food wrappers, packaging for baked goods such as cookies and cakes containers, ice cream and candy packagings, milk and egg cartons. Our innovative offer can also be used for eco-friendly and sustainable packagings.

Playful packaging: Wakatoon's Edutainment offer

Our packaging solutions for kids can be used by food service industry brands exclusively for entertainment, educational purposes but also to raise children awareness to some topics like food waste. This is what we call Edutainment (education and entertainment).

As part of our children's packaging project with Danonino a Danone brand, educational elements related to the history of football were added to each of the 8 coloring stories that were printed on pack.

Packaging to color
In-pack collectible cards
QR-code to creative activities
  • +Packaging to color

    Custom containers

    We design for you tailored-made coloring pages. They can be printed directly on the food packaging (on-pack) for your customers to see on shelf.

    These coloring activities serve as cut-out, color, and transform into animated drawings on the Wakatoon app.

    Wakatoon can also offer to print your personalized coloring activities in the form of collectible cards directly inserted inside the packaging (in-pack). If you decide to create several mini-coloring activities as children's premiums, families collecting these cards will repurchase your product multiple times.

  • +In-pack collectible cards

    Collectible gifts

    Wakatoon can also offer to print your personalized coloring activities in the form of collectible cards (or any other format that you see fit) to use as in-pack gifts. If you decide to create several mini-coloring activities, families collecting these cards will repurchase your product multiple times. Pitch chose collectibles to launch their new organic range.

  • +QR-code to creative activities

    QR code to scan on pack or in pack

    Your custom story to colour can also be accessed through a QR code printed on the food container.

The process for your packaging project

We transform your brand values into a custom coloring for your food packaging.

We will also adapt to your packaging specifications (environmental-friendly, types of materials used...).

Fitted for a wide range of food packagings

Wakatoon's magical colorings can be printed on-pack or inserted in-pack for a wide range of food packaging (trays, boxes, plastic containers, cases, gift boxes...).

We'll into account the packaging specs and the packaging material on which you want to print (cardboard packagings, recycled paper...).

A custom container for each type of product

Depending on the type of product for which you want to implement this children's packaging project (snacks, dairy products, yogurts, chocolates, candies, baked goods...), we will advise on best options depending on the food packaging companies you are dealing with. Our expertise in the food industry will allow us to anticipate logistics, palletization, shelf placement, and any events that can be arranged for the product.

Working with your graphic design team or suppliers

Throughout the stages of creating your packaging to colour, we will work as a team with the agency or third-party responsible for your project or with your marketing/communications department and your graphic designers. We will reuse your visual identity to offer you a custom and personalized coloring packaging.

If you have a specific color palette or color codes, we’ll be happy to take them into account.

Printing mock-up and go ahead

Once the design and mock-ups of the packaging are validated, we will print mockups and validate together the prototypes of your kids packaging project.

Design packaging Timelines

To create a custom Wakatoon coloring page to print on your personalised packaging, it takes approximately 2 and a half months.