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    Print out the Helping Hands drawing, color them in and turn them into a cartoon with the Wakatoon app
    Animated coloring story - Helping Hands - Chapter 1
    Animated coloring story - Helping Hands - Chapter 2
    Animated coloring story - Helping Hands - Chapter 3

    Helping Hands

    By Chloé du Colombier

    L'histoire :

    Be a part of a wonderful circus show, in which acrobats, lion-tamers and other artists show off their talents. But nothing goes according to plan! How will the ringmaster save the show?


    Le contenu :

    Today is an incredible day: we are taking you to the circus! The ringmaster will introduce you to several talented artists and acrobats that you will color in and transform into an animated film thanks to a magical app, Wakatoon. To do so, all you need to do is color in the drawings that make up this story, take a picture of them with the Wakatoon app and voilà! They transform into a 4m30s cartoon. The printable coloring book "Helping Hands" is made up of 9 coloring pages. Ideal for children aged 5 to 8.

    The ringmaster welcomes you to the circus in the below video.

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