Wakatoon - Le Coloriage Animé

A Magical In-Home Activity for Kids from Disneyland Paris

In just a few minutes, kids can watch their own paper coloring pages turned auto-magically into a cartoon thanks to an app.

Kids can complete a set of three coloring pages featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, then scan and transform them into a personalized, two-minute cartoon that tells a fun story about sorting and recycling plastic bottles and cans into... shhh! Follow the step-by-step guide below and watch as your kids discover the answers! All you need is a printer.

This experience first appeared at Disneyland Paris, with custodial cast members sharing the magically educational coloring pages with young guests to raise awareness about recycling. This is just one action The Walt Disney Company and Disney Parks around the world are taking as part of their commitment to reduce environmental impact.

Download the 3 coloring pages

Click on the download button below

Recycle with Mickey and Minnie

Follow this step-by-step guide

Need help? Contact support@wakatoon.com

Print the coloring pages (see download button above)

Kid colors the first coloring page with pencils, glitters, etc.

Download Wakatoon app on App Store or Google Play.

Find the content. Type 'MICKEY' in the search bar, and start the experience.

Scan your coloring page

Magic! Kid watches his/her first personalized cartoon episode!

Repeat with the two other coloring pages to complete the story.